Resin Cements Provide Options for Many Procedures

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COLTENE’s SoloCem is a dual-curing resin cement that’s designed to be easy to use, save time, and offer high bonding strength without additional adhesive. Its self-adhesive properties may be used for permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays for ceramic, metal, and composite materials, as well as all types of endodontic posts and implant abutments for zirconium oxide and titanium materials.


DuoCem is a dual-curing resin cement that offers superior bond strength, especially where light can’t reach, according to COLTENE. It is designed for a range of indications but is especially suited to situations where light may not penetrate through the restoration and maximal adhesion is needed. These include full CAD/CAM crowns and thicker ceramic inlays and onlays, bridges (ceramic, metal, and composite materials), and posts of all types. DuoCem can be used with COLTENE’s bonding agents (ONE COAT 7 Universal and ParaBond) for excellent clinical adhesive results, the company reports.


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