Occlusal Appliance Replaces Poor-Fitting, Uncomfortable Splints

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Offered by Great Lakes Orthodontics, the Rhea Occlusal Appliance is the solution to poor-fitting, uncomfortable splints. Significantly different than existing appliances that use heat-softening materials, it reforms to subtle differences in the patient’s dentition and compensates for slight variances in impressions and for deformities caused by plaster expansion.

The Rhea is custom-formed to original models. As a result, chairside seating is only necessary to fine-tune fit and compensate for minor variations. It is available as a Wearguard, Flat Occlusal Plane, or Full Contact with Anterior Guidance.

For more information, call Great Lakes Orthodontics at (800) 828-7626 or visit rheasplints.com.

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