Nanohybrid Composite Displays Chameleon-Like Technology

Richard Gawel


DMP USA’s NANOCERAM-BRIGHT is designed tocreate long-lasting, natural-looking restorations. Its manufacturing process integrates a unique blend of micro- and nano-fillers into the resin matrix, creating an easy-to-sculpt nanohybrid composite for Class I to IV restorations, according to the company. Adaptive chameleon-like technology achieves excellent color matching, high polishability, and lifelike translucency, allowing the restoration to blend into the natural tooth structure and surrounding area, DMP USA says.

Furthermore, NANOCERAM-BRIGHT boasts extremely low water sorption properties, minimal polymerization shrinkage, and high flexural/comprehensive strength for  a long-lasting restoration that resists deterioration, the company says. It also has high marginal integrity, minimal postoperative sensitivity, reduced stress on the bond, and an enhanced ability to withstand chewing forces, DMP USA adds. The company’s digital shade guide app, Chromatcher, is available for free at Apple App Store as well.

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