Loupes’ Frames Equipped With Suite of Adjustable Features

Richard Gawel



The Orascoptic ErgoEdge sports frame is designed to achieve a personal balance of comfort and posture. It also is specifically engineered as a platform for loupes. The patent-pending platform is equipped with a suite of adjustable features, such as the ability to fine-tune the declination angle of the loupes using Comfort-tilt technology. The adjustable nose pad can be moved up and down, in addition to being spread or compressed to best match each user’s specific facial geometry.

The user-adjustable declination angle, adjustable nose pad, and temple arm flexibility create new possibilities for achieving the optimal fit while preserving the alignment of these custom loupes, Orascoptic says. ErgoEdge also features pragmatic improvements, such as a head strap that clips directly into the tips of the temple arms for a more secure fit, according to the company.

For more information, visit Orascoptic’s website at orascoptic.com.

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