Locator R-Tx Now Includes 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Richard Gawel


Zest Dental Solutions is now offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to clinicians who purchase the Locator R-Tx removable attachment system, which was designed and developed based on 17 years of cumulative clinician and implant manufacturer input, the company reports. The Locator R-Tx features new abutment surface technology, increased angle correction, an industry standard 0.050/1.25-inch hex drive mechanism, and all-in-one packaging. 

“We understand it can be difficult for clinicians to adopt a next generation technology after successfully using a product for many years,” said Russ Bonafede, president of Zest Dental Solutions. “While Locator R-Tx is the next-generation Locator, the restorative technique and the predictability they have come to expect remains the same.” 

For more information, call (800) 262-2310 or visit zestdent.com/rtx.

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