Komet Adds Hundreds of Single-Patient-Use Burs to Its Portfolio

Richard Gawel


Komet USA has expanded its portfolio to include hundreds of new, sterile burs designed for use with a single patient, according to the company. The burs are quick and efficient, Komet said, and convenient used in combination with the company’s large portfolio of multi-use rotary instruments.

“I was very excited to learn that Komet now has a disposable option as I have always been able to count on the quality, service, and support I get from Komet,” said Dr. Christian Yaste, a general dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I look forward to incorporating the best disposable bur options into my workflows.”

The new instruments are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for any restorative procedure, Komet said. They were developed to strict ISO standards and are packaged in a class 7 clean room using gamma irradiation sterilization. They include diamonds and carbides that are ready to use right out of the packaging, which includes an inventory countdown, Komet said.

“We are proud to continually meet the market’s demand for premium quality dental instruments. Our German-engineered diamond and carbide burs are optimally designed based on the needs and feedback of our customers and professional partners,” said Todd Blanton, CEO of Komet USA.

According to Komet, the pre-sterilized and ready-for-use burs offer:

  • Komet premium quality design and efficiency
  • Higher initial sharpness compared to leading US competitive diamond burs
  • Stronger carbide breakage resistance than the leading US competitive bur
  • Ease of mind regarding patient safety
  • Availability in 239 different shapes, sizes, and shanks

Diamond and carbide burs are available in rolls of 25. Packaging features a bold image and bur number, and it can be used to store and dispense the burs. Also, packaging features a remaining inventory count on each individual bur pouch. QR codes allow for easy reordering and inventory maintenance as well, Komet said.

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