Invisible Aligners Designed for Affordability

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The Great Lakes Orthodontics Smart Moves Hard/Soft Invisible Aligner System offers a less-expensive alternative to other progressive aligner systems, according to the company. Highly effective, it is designed to treat minor anterior teeth malalignment and is ideal for orthodontic relapse and pre-restorative alignment cases, Great Lakes Orthodontics reports. Also, the company provides free consultation for case selection, treatment options, and estimates for the number of aligners required to complete the case.

The system uses elastic 1.3-mm Invisacryl Hard/Soft material for exceptional tooth movement, seating, and patient comfort, Great Lakes Orthodontics says. The system provides up to 1 mm of controlled, predictable anterior movement per setup. One impression can provide up to 3 setups and 3 mm of movement. There is no preset number of aligners to purchase, and providers receive 2, 4, or 6 progressive aligners per order. Providers who require additional movement beyond 6 aligners can continue with new impressions or models.

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