Intraoral Scanner Delivers Flawless Accuracy and Details

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The new Planmeca Emerald, an ultra-lightweight intraoral scanner, delivers flawless accuracy and detail at a lightning speed. An ergonomic design with single-handed, 2-button operation provides clinicians with superior control and unparalleled patient comfort. Automatic fog prevention within the seamless, compact scanner tips, assures clinicians of continuous, uninterrupted scanning. Autoclavable, secure camera-lock tips prevent cross-infection and increase patient safety. By harnessing the power of a multicolor, laser-based scanning system, the Planmeca Emerald captures images in a vibrant color palette.
The Plug-N-Play portability enables sharing between PCs in multiple operatories. A replaceable electrical cord reduces the need to replace the scanner due to wear and tear. Its open system and open STL files simplify data exchange and create seamless integration with other systems. Collaboration with labs is also worry-free. For more information, call E4D Technologies at (855) 262-9694 or visit

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