Intraoral Camera Offers Advanced Lens Technology

Richard Gawel

The 5M from GoodDrs USA is the world’s first 5-megapixel CMOS intraoral dental camera with a metal body and advanced liquid optic lens technology, according to the company. Designed by a dentist, the 5M weighs 2.2 oz, which GoodDrs USA says is lighter than most plastic intraoral cameras. 

The durable metal body is designed to be comfortable to hold and use, just like high- or low-speed handpieces. The retraction-shaped head allows for easy access and provides retraction for the cheek and tongue when needed. The slim head features 12 adjustable LEDs that surround the lens to provide perfect, reflection-free, shadow-free lighting, GoodDrs USA says.

The 5M can focus from an extreme close-up macro image, all the way to infinity to capture full-arch and full-face images, eliminating the need for additional bulky and slow extraoral cameras. The 5M’s true autofocus liquid optic lens utilizes the latest technology, the company reports.

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