Injector Delivers Less Anesthesia with Faster Onset

Richard Gawel


Denterprise International’s EZ-FLOW is a professional and painless local anesthesia injection device used for the oral cavity. It is appropriate for local infiltration anesthesia for dental treatment using Lidocaine, Primacaine, Scandonest, and other major anesthetics. The delivery method allows the use of less anesthetic, and the onset of the anesthesia is often faster, according to the company. The needle is not what causes the discomfort of an injection to the patient, rather it’s the flow of the anesthetic or the rate of delivery to the tissue. 

The handheld device uses a standard ampule and needle, so no expensive proprietary disposable tubing, handpiece, or needle is needed. Pushbuttons enable users to control the flow rate, pressure, and quantity. A pressure sensor automatically pauses the flow when the chosen pressure is reached. An LED operating screen indicates dosage and mode selection. Pre-programmed flow rates are available for PDA, PDL, block and AMSA. Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby time can exceed two months. 

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