Impression System Eliminates Retraction and Hemostasis

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Centrix’s NoCord VPS, dentistry’s first one-step, self-retracting impression system, retracts gingiva, controls bleeding, and delivers an accurate, final impression—all with one system.

NoCord Wash is the first wash material to incorporate a hemostatic agent that controls bleeding and fluid flows, and NoCord MegaBody Tray Material is designed to work with NoCord Wash, driving the wash to gently retract gingiva from the tooth. Together, they work as a complete system to provide the optimal impression result without separate retraction and hemostasis procedures. And, because they are VPS materials, they deliver the accuracy and dimensional stability dentists expect from VPS materials. 

A leading independent testing and evaluation group demonstrated that NoCord VPS exceeded the ISO standards for impression materials and performed equivalent to other major VPS materials.

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