Hemostatic Agent Simplifies Tissue Management

Richard Gawel


Dentsply Sirona Restorative’s Hemoban Gel 25% Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Solution offers a combination of composition, viscosity, and delivery. It is designed to provide quick hemostasis during critical direct and indirect procedures. Its patented 25% aluminum chloride clear gel formulation is delivered through an infusor tip to provide easy handling and quick results. With a tissue-kind silica formula that is simple to rinse without leaving residue or stains, the company says, the Hemoban Gel solution will be a valuable complement to any dental office. 

The Hemoban Gel solution also quickly stops initial bleeding and, through its gel formulation and unique lubricating effect in the sulcus, allows for simplified packing and removal of retraction cord to reduce the risk of re-occurring bleeding. It is a convenient, spreadable, non-drip gel that can be precisely placed and remain where placed to further enhance hemostasis, Dentsply Sirona Restorative says. When rinsing, the patented formula leaves no residue and does not stain teeth or soft tissue, further simplifying the work clinicians perform each day, according to the company.

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