Handheld Dispenser Suits 120-mL Material Cartridges

Richard Gawel


The CLINICIAN’S CHOICE PowerMix Automatic VPS Dispenser is designed to deliver perfectly mixed, void-free impression material and fill a full-arch impression tray in 10 seconds or less without any hand pumping with the press of a button. It also weighs 2 pounds, including a full 120-mL cartridge, for easy transport between operatories and handheld or stand-delivered tray filling. Fully charged, it dispenses eight full 120-mL cartridges for up to 24 full-arch impressions.

Also, the PowerMix is designed for use with the CLINICIAN’S CHOICE AFFINITY impression material. AFFINITY Heavy Body is designed with an ideal flow and durometer for accurate full-arch tray impressions, while the AFFINITY InFlex ultra-rigid tray material is designed specifically to prevent distortion with the dual-arch technique. Both are available in 120-mL PowerMix cartridges, which reduce plastic waste and leftover impression material. Each 120-mL cartridge is enough for three full-arch trays or six to 10 quadrant impression trays.

The PowerMix Automatic VPS Dispenser and AFFINITY 120-mL cartridges are distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental.

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