Free Database Provides Pandemic-Compliant Manuals and IFUs

Richard Gawel


To keep dental patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, oneSOURCE is providing free access to proper manuals and instructions for use (IFUs) necessary for complying with directives from oversight agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the ADA, and others.

According to company cofounder and president Jack Speer, oneSOURCE found a unique need for its platform in the dental community due to the lack of uniform regulations in the industry for sterilization processes and overall standard operating procedures.

“By providing 24/7 access to dental offices, we hope to better equip this segment of the medical field with the tools they need to offer the highest quality patient care and instill patient confidence as facilities begin to reopen. The Dental Database features some of the most critical manufacturer materials such as the OSHA-mandated Safety Data Sheets (SDS),” Speer said.

The platform includes IFUs for dental instruments, equipment, and consumables, offering access to any resource needed to provide superior patient care, oneSOURCE said. It boasts nearly 100,000 searchable catalog numbers for IFUs ranging from dental curing lights to dental headpieces and implants.

Current oneSOURCE dental customers include US military facilities, Veterans Affairs facilities, the Office of the Surgeon General, dental facilities within the Mayo Clinic hospital system, the Indian Health Service, and university-system dental schools, the company said.

“As a dental practice consultant with over 20 years of experience in helping offices mitigate exposure and stay in compliance, oneSOURCE’s commitment to furnishing healthcare professionals with the tools they need for success is truly invaluable,” said Mary Beth O’Brien, owner and president of Office Based Surgery Consultants and consultant to oneSOURCE.

“Dental office oversight is not as stringent as hospitals, so post-COVID-19, dentists must embrace new thinking, fresh attitudes, and be willing to alter the way they work. By discussing the importance of using IFUs and integrating them into standard operating procedures, facilities will be better prepared to have efficient, effective, and measurable programs,” said O’Brien.  

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