Electrical Bone Mill Unit Regenerates Bone in 8 Minutes

Richard Gawel


The KometaBio Smart Dentin Grinder device and protocol converts extracted teeth into sterile autologous tooth graft in only 8 minutes, according to the company. The clinical and scientific results have consistently been outstanding and lead to fast regeneration of new bone, an excellent scaffold to support width and height, fast healing, impressive soft-tissue response, high predictability, minimal inflammation, and impressive long-term outcomes, KometaBio said. On top of all that, the company said, clinicians can expect excellent patient acceptance of the protocol due to its natural approach as an alternative to allograft and xenografts as well as an a  lower-cost solution.

For more information, call (866) 772-2871, visit kometabio.com, or email info@kometabio.com.

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