Disposable Prophy Angle Facilitates Better Visibility

Richard Gawel


A more efficient, more effective hygiene program will have a major positive impact on the practice’s bottom line. In mature practices, patients see the hygienist for re-care more than the dentist. The hygienist’s most time-consuming tasks include prophylaxis.

PacDent International’s Mighty Mini 90 Disposable Prophy Angle is the smallest and most powerful in the profession. The patented, beveled gear design provides steady cup rotation, allowing the instrument to operate smoothly and quietly, with all the necessary torque for optimal polishing. It runs smoothly without over-heating; too much pressure simply stalls the unit without damage or discomfort. 

The latex-free, pre-sterilized Mighty Mini 90 also has the slimmest head profile available, facilitating visibility. Its head is 20% smaller and shorter for better access to tight posterior areas and paedodontic patients. The advanced edge flare prophy cup boosts clinical efficiency subgingivally and interproximally.

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