Diamond Burs Require Less Chair Time

Richard Gawel


Premier Dental’s Two Striper diamond burs are designed to provide greater value by lasting longer and delivering faster, efficient cutting. This means use of fewer burs, less chair time, and a better patient experience, according to the company.

Unlike other diamond burs that electroplate the diamond crystals onto the shank, the Two Striper uses a proprietary brazing process to bond natural diamond crystals. This bonding process maximizes the exposure of diamond-cutting surfaces, especially at the tips and upper circumference of the bur where most cutting occurs. The result is diamond crystals, placed evenly and precisely in a uniform matrix, that are fused permanently to a surgical-grade, stainless-steel shank, Premier Dental says. Clinically, the company adds, this translates to precise cutting potential that remains effective over multiple uses. A recent third-party study demonstrated that the rotary cutting performance of Two Striper diamonds was superior to competitor brands, according to Premier Dental.

Two Striper burs are available in more than 300 unique shapes and several grit choices. For more information, call (888) 773-6872 or visit premierdentalco.com.

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