Device Enables Immediate Restorations

Richard Gawel


Biodent’s Ultratooth is the first and only device approved by the Food and Drug Administration that allows clinicians to extract a tooth and replace it with a fully functioning final or provisional restoration at the time of placement, according to the company. Due to this immediate restoration capability, Ultratooth preserves the original emergence profile of the tooth, which is essential in the aesthetic zone. And with its Eiffel Tower design, there is no coronal bone loss typically seen in screw or cylindrical type implants, so the original emergence profile is maintained over time. 

Also, histological studies indicate that bone density and quality improve because of the compaction of the surrounding bone when expansion occurs (known as the oscillating effect). These revolutionary advances have been prominent when using the Ultratooth throughout its 27 years of clinical and scientific history, Biodent reports. It not only leads to highly successful outcomes but also tremendous potential in practice growth by going from an extraction to a more involved procedure, the company says.

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