Desensitizing Gel Penetrates Dentinal Tubules

Dentistry Today


The DenMat Holdings ZEN CP+ desensitizing gel is designed to alleviate tooth sensitivity and discomfort by delivering nano-sized calcium-phosphate minerals to the tooth surface, occluding and penetrating deep inside the dentinal tubules. The patent-pending microsphere technology reacts with saliva to deliver mineral-forming calcium-phosphate ions.

“This innovative new product helps dental professionals treat tooth sensitivity by using what is already present in the tooth, calcium phosphate,” said David Casper, CEO of DenMat. “Our team recognized a need for a new product in this space, on that treats patients in a safer, more effective manner. University research data shows ZEN CP+ to be a superior alternative to other desensitizing products in its ability to occlude dentinal tubules.”

ZEN CP+ is formulated with CAPOSAL microsphere technology, featuring small particles consisting of calcium phosphate that penetrate the dentin tubules and rapidly release calcium and phosphate ions for rapid mineralization, DenMat said. Minerals are formed deep into the dentin tubules and are unaffected by wear and acid.

ZEN CP+ does not contain any milk-derived proteins, so it is safe for all patients including those with milk-based allergies, DenMat said. Designed for daily use, ZEN CP+ is available in 45-gram tubes and is simply brushed onto the teeth as part of one’s daily oral care regimen. It is available to dental professionals via dental dealers and to consumers through dental offices in the United States and Canada.

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