Dental Ice Pack Reduces Postoperative Pain and Discomfort

Richard Gawel

Cooling the mouth during and after dental treatments can be an effective strategy for managing postoperative pain and discomfort. Proven to be much more effective than external ice packs and other treatments, Denta-Cool is the only ice pack for inside the mouth that engages the entire oral cavity and comfortably cools it, according to its manufacturer. Suitable even for patients with teeth sensitivity and for those who require oxygen masks, Denta-Cool provides temporary relief of oral pain, swelling, and discomfort. It is now available to dental and maxillofacial specialists.

The intraoral mouthpiece resembles a mouthguard with a handle. The inner chamber base is filled with distilled water and frozen at 32°F. The outer chamber base is filled with salt water, which freezes at colder temperatures. Due to the difference in temperatures, the ice core is surrounded by water that is just as cold but maintains the malleability of a liquid. As a result, the intraoral mouthpiece provides comfortable, extended cooling to the entire oral cavity, the company reports. 

The chamber base can be squeezed to circulate the liquid as the ice cold water begins to warm. This moves colder water toward the mouthpiece in the oral cavity, and warmer water moves closer to the ice core chamber base to be cooled down once again. Over time, the temperature of the liquid in the mouthpiece will warm from being in contact with the mouth and will need to be refrozen. Patients can use Denta-Cool for as long as it feels comfortable. The mouthpiece stays cold for at least 30 minutes.

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