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Tooth & Gums Tonic is a professional strength, all-natural alternative to traditional rinse therapies, such as chlorhexidine. This tonic is alcohol free and nonstaining, providing dental practitioners with a versatile rinse. It is ideal for initial treatment and long-term periodontal maintenance. Tooth & Gums Tonic is indicated for (1) periodontal care, (2) controlling gum inflammation and bleeding, (3) laser gum surgery, (4) postimplant care, (5) restorative and cosmetic procedures, (6) dry mouth and mouth sores, and (7) chronic halitosis. Ingredients include a proprietary blend of essential oils and herbal extracts. Tooth & Gums Tonic is available to patients through dental professionals. For more information or to request free samples, call (800) 747-4372 or visit