Dental 3-D Printer Produces Up to 50 Units in Three Hours

Dentistry Today


The DentaLITH multi-material resin composite/ceramic solid 3-D printer from Old World Labs is designed to manufacture approved materials for ceramic crowns and bridges as well as acrylic-based surgical guides, corrective alignments, and nightguards for dental offices and labs. According to the company, the DentaLITH is based on extensive research in semiconductor manufacturing and NASA terraforming projects using particle suspension-based polymers.

The printer can produce one to 50 units per 3-hour cycle. It also reduces waste while maximizing productivity, Old World Labs states, bringing lab precision and mass production to bear on consumer needs from individual small practices to commercial-scale labs. Its zero tooling wear and cost-effective consumables also were designed to improve practices’ bottom line. Mass market entry is expected in the second quarter of 2017.

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