Data Security Assessment Examines Ransomware Vulnerabilities

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The WannaCry ransomware attack hit more than 150 countries, locking up more than 300,000 computers and demanding a $300 payment before files could be restored. But that was only one incident, as the number of ransomware attacks increased more than 6,000% in 2016, according to IBM. Today, there are more than 9 million ransomware variants now active on the Internet. To help practices protect themselves, DDS Rescue offers a 12-step data security assessment. It includes: 

  • Up-to-date information on HIPAA/HITEC Act;
  • Ransomware (cryptowall) management strategies
  • Physical safeguards for the server and backup appliance;
  • Encrypting data and safeguards for patient information;
  • Encrypted email strategies; 
  • Backup evaluation; 
  • Antivirus program verification;
  • Firewall verification; 
  • Safe remote access strategies and management (external account password complexity); 
  • Password strategies and management (complexity and expiration);
  • HIPAA insurance explanation; 
  • Guest WiFi security strategy.

DDS Rescue also provides a full report and action plan for physical and technology risk management. Assessments are performed remotely, with no interruptions. And, there is no charge for current DDS Rescue customers.

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