Cosmetic Crown and Bridge Model Simulates How Crowns or Bridges Would Look

Richard Gawel


Kilgore International’s Cosmetic Crown and Bridge Model MKI.349 is an all-in-one, inclusive model simulated to demonstrate porcelain inlays (No. 2), gold crowns (No. 3), PFM crowns (No. 4), a 3-unit all-porcelain anterior bridges with fiber post/core (Nos. 6 to 8), removable veneers (No. 9), implants with removable abutment and porcelain crown (No. 10), PFM bridges (Nos. 11 to 13), porcelain crowns (No. 14), and porcelain onlays (No. 15). It weighs 8 ounces.

For more information, call Kilgore International at (517) 279-9000, visit, or email

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