Center for Esthetic Excellence Announces 2020 Course Schedule

Richard Gawel


The Center for Esthetic Excellence (CEE) in downtown Chicago has announced it schedule of hands-on composite courses for 2020. According to the CEE, it is the only educational center dedicated to direct resin bonding. With hours of hands-on instruction, each course is designed to teach techniques that students can immediately use in their practice, the CEE says. Available for 14 to 18 continuing education credits each, the 15 courses on the schedule include:

  • May 7-8: Catch the Composite Wave and Surf Its Potential by Dr. Bud Mopper and Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
  • May 14-15: The Art of Resin: Creating Beauty by Recreating Nature—Simple & Complex Anterior Restorations by Dr. Rhodri Thomas
  • May 21-22: The Ultimate Esthetics Course: Anterior Composite Compositions by Dr. Corky Willhite
  • June 4-5: CPR for the Worn Dentition by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
  • June 12-13: From Good to Great With Direct Anterior Composites: The Devil’s in the Details by Dr. Brian LeSage
  • July 23-24: Become a Cosmetic Dentist with Composite Resin Veneers by Dr. Javier Quiros
  • September 10-11: Day-to-Day Direct Composite Resins by Dr. Jason Smithson
  • September 18-19: Form, Color, and Anterior Composites—It’s All About the Details by Dr. Newton Fahl Jr
  • September 24-25: Posterior Composites: Perfect Anatomy, Great Function, Excellent Esthetics by Dr. Newton Fahl Jr
  • October 1-2: POWERlooking: Strengthening the Dental Eye; A Guide to Assessing Esthetic Smiles by Dr. Arthur R. Volker
  • October 22-23: Integrating Dental Photography With Excellence in Anterior Composite Esthetics by Dr. Fred Peck
  • November 5-6: Mastering Morphology: The Foundation of Esthetics by Dr. Matt Costa
  • November 12-13: Mini Smile Makeover: Minimally Invasive Esthetics by Dr. Dipesh Parmar
  • December 10-11: Practical Tips for Utilizing Composite Resin in the Everyday Practice by Dr. Bob Margeas

For more information, call (800) 837-2321 or visit

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