Calcium Hydroxide Paste Disinfects Canals, Prevents Flareups

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In 1947, Pulpdent introduced the first premixed calcium hydroxide paste. Now, 70 years later, it offers TempCanal Enhanced, its latest calcium hydroxide product. With pH greater than 12, it disinfects canals and prevents flareups, suiting it for routine use between visits and for extended treatment of complicated cases.

TempCanal Enhanced is designed to flow easily through 27-gauge x 25-mm, 2-side-vent endo irrigation needles. Its nonsetting, nondrying formula will not clog the needles, and it is easily removed with a file and irrigation, according to Pulpdent. The needles control placement and ensure uniform coating of canal walls while also preventing extrusion beyond the apex. The paste will not dry out in the syringe. 

TempCanal Enhanced is packaged in standard 1.2-mL and 3-mL luer lock syringes for convenient one-hand operation. Endodontic irrigation needles are available with it and also sold separately.

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