Bulk-Fill Restorative System Boasts Improved Translucency

Richard Gawel


The GC America EQUIA Forte HT long-term, bulk-fill restorative system offers improved translucency, superior fluoride release, sound marginal seal, and excellent handling, according to the company. This makes EQUIA Forte HT a versatile and durable restorative solution, ideal for patients of all ages, including pediatric, geriatric, and high-risk caries patients, GC America said.

This restorative system combines a self-cure, bulk-fill restorative called EQUIA Forte Fil and is laminated with a nano-filled, self-adhesive resin coat known as EQUIA Forte Coat. The glass hybrid technology combines ultra-fine, highly reactive glass and high-molecular weight polyacrylic acid powders with conventional glass to ensure advanced mechanical properties with improved flow and non-sticky handling, the company said.

The strength and handling are further improved in EQUIA Forte HT by developing an intelligent control of distribution and interaction of these glass particles, according to GC America. EQUIA Forte Coat is now available in a flip-top bottle as well.

For more information, call (800) 323-7063 or visit gcamerica.com.

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