Blair Partners With eAssist Dental Solutions

Richard Gawel


With an eye on improving electronic billing services, eAssist Dental Solutions now offers the PracticeBooster Online System from Charles Blair, DDS, at no cost to all eAssist clients. PracticeBooster’s Code Advisor and Resource Center features are designed to help dental billing specialists become more efficient while eliminating errors. PracticeBooster also includes current and archived issues of the Insurance Solutions Newsletter.                                        

“I am really excited that eAssist has the insight to provide PracticeBooster Online to all its clients. eAssist’s unique, remote technology allows the dental office to efficiently outsource important elements of business office operations. Now their service is of even greater value with their consultants and out technology,” said Blair. 

According to eAssist, outsourced billing is becoming an increasingly popular solution to multiple problems. For example, inaccuracies and procrastination in filing claims impact income. Staff turnover can impede a smooth and steady billing process. Training new staff in billing practices can be time consuming and expensive as well.

“PracticeBooster is a great asset for all practices to maximize revenue by correctly coding what they do. We are happy to offer this benefit at no additional charge to our clients. Dr. Blair’s organization is world class, and we are grateful for our partnership. eAssist clients will most definitely appreciate and benefit from this endeavor,” said eAssist CEO James Anderson, DMD. 

The companies report that eAssist guarantees proper HIPAA-compliant electronic claims and attachment submissions, ensures the accurate posting of explanation of benefits credits, and always updates or adjusts patient information when necessary.

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