Biolase Hosts Pediatric Dental Laser Training

Richard Gawel


Biolase partnered with Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County to host pediatric dental laser training on May 8. The training, which focused on how to use Waterlase dental lasers for a variety of common pediatric dental procedures, was held in the Biolase Learning Center in Foothill Ranch, California.

“As the world continues to move forward following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see a steady increase of patients getting back into the dental chair. We thought now would be the perfect time to offer this training to the team at Healthy Smiles, as they welcome both new and returning patients,” said John Beaver, president and CEO of Biolase.

“We are also excited to equip new members of the Healthy Smiles team who have joined since our previous training sessions, so that they can join the community of pediatric dentists delivering a more pain-free and positive dental experience for patients,” said Beaver. 

Attendees received training on laser safety, laser tissue interactions, restorative dentistry using minimal anesthesia, and pediatric procedures including frenectomies for tongue-tie patients, Biolase said.

“We are thrilled to have found a true ally in Biolase when it comes to our mission of improving oral health in underserved communities,” said Ria Berger, CEO of Healthy Smiles.

“Our long-standing partnership has led to a myriad of educational training, arming providers with modern tools and techniques that we have also been able to implement to better serve our patients’ needs,” Berger said.

“It has also aided in our ability to bring patients and dentists together for a better understanding of oral health solutions, ultimately resulting in a gentle experience for the thousands of children and families we serve each year,” she said.

The training follows the recent launch of the Waterlase Pediatric Dental Academy (WPDA) for Waterlase pediatric dentists. The WPDA provides an immersive training experience through peer-led learning, best practice sharing, and ongoing membership, Biolase said, to ensure optimal integration of Waterlase technology into clinical practices.

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