Autoclaves Accelerate Cycle Times

Richard Gawel


The CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ autoclaves from Flight Dental Systems are the company’s first Class S steam injected pressure pulsing sterilizers. Targeting hollow instruments and dental handpieces, the pressure pulsing steam injection eliminates air more fully than traditional sterilizers, the company reports.

The devices also integrate a diaphragm-type compressor for superior drying capabilities compared to previous models, Fight Dental Systems says, reducing drying time in half from a 60-minute closed door drying cycle to an approximately 30-minute closed door drying cycle for faster turnover of instruments and tools and more efficient reprocessing.  

Plus, the CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ offer printer and USB capabilities in addition to fully automatic programs for easy and fast sterilization, according to the company. Their new rack system is designed for optimal space and higher capacity for both trays and cassettes. And, the complete wrapped cycle time is approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

The autoclaves’ LCD provides a clear and easy to use interface, Flight Dental Systems says. They also boast a stainless steel chamber and trays as well as a double locking mechanism for added safety to prevent the door from opening when it’s in use or if there is pressure inside the chamber. 

The CLAVE16+ is a 16L autoclave that can fit three trays inside its chamber, while the CLAVE23+ is a 23L autoclave that can fit four trays. Both offer five pre-programmed cycles for unwrapped, liquid, plastics, wrapped, textile, and prion materials. They use thermal, pressure, and infrared sensors to detect irregularities and notify users.

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