App Helps Patients Assess Their Own Oral Health

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The Kois Center has launched the Healthy Mouth, a self-assessment, educational app specifically designed for patients and available for the iPhone on the App Store. It offers an immediate estimate of users’ oral health using an algorithm that analyzes their responses to questions about their oral health before providing risk estimates in a variety of categories. 

“We are thrilled to launch a product that provides a powerful educational tool for patients everywhere,” said Johnny Kois, CEO of the Kois Center. “Proper dental care starts with proper dental awareness.”

Healthy Mouth features a series of images with yes and no questions and answers to help patients evaluate their oral health. It screens for issues with gum health, overall tooth health, bite and jaw-joint health, and smile characteristics. 

After the self-assessment, the app helps users locate nearby qualified dentists who are more equipped to interpret its results. The entire screening process is designed to be quick, from evaluation to appointment scheduling, and is often completed in less than seven minutes, the Kois Center reports.

The app provides access to dentists who practice using a specific set of techniques and protocols based on the latest science, the Kois Center says, all proven to be effective for maintaining and achieving optimal oral health and taught to practicing dentists at the Kois Center. All Kois-trained dentists are qualified to assess results delivered by the app. 

“Our Kois-trained dentists love their work week. They love to work with their patients. It’s a different kind of dentistry. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, or they just wouldn’t be here. We take good dentists and turn them into great ones,” said Kois Center founder John Kois, DMD, MSD.

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