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The Pro-Matrix is a next-generation matrix band designed to meet the evolving needs of dentistry, including simplifying procedures through easier placement and improved visibility. Available in 2 sizes, 6 mm and 4.5 mm, the Pro-Matrix has a sliding band deflector and a smooth tightening mechanism. All you have to do is slide it in and turn. The wider blue ones are used for permanent molars, while the narrower green ones are used for pedo teeth and premolars. They’re suited for single-patient use, so the cleanup is easy. There are many cases in which the Pro-Matrix band is critical to clinical outcomes. For instance, in cases in which the patient has a freestanding tooth and there’s no adjacent tooth, one really can’t use a sectional matrix—those are the situations for which the Pro-Matrix is ideal. In other cases, clinicians use the Pro-Matrix bands to do back-to-back Class II MOD restorations. For more information, call toll-free (800) 308-6589 or visit