Abutment System’s Dual-Hue Finish Enhances Aesthetics

Richard Gawel


The SMARTbase abutment system from Implant Direct is available in a dual-hue finish for enhanced aesthetics. The gold anodization allows for the use of more translucent restorative materials, while the pink anodization of the titanium base offers a more natural blending with the gingival tissue, the company said.

Also, the concave transgingival profile shapes tissue growth for a thicker gingival cuff, reducing the chances of abutment visibility while enabing subcrestal placement, Implant Direct said. With its Floating Screw option, the fixation screw can be preassembled into the base prior to placement for easier seating of the restoration, according to the company. Clinicians can redirect the screw access channel from 0° to 25° for improved aesthetics and for greater accessibility in the posterior where space can be limited as well, Implant Direct said.

For more information, visit implantdirect.com/smartbase.

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