3-D PAN/CEPH Imaging Device Facilitates Osseointegration

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ACTEON North America’s X-Mind Trium 3-D CBCT device facilitates osseointegration with instant volume measurement and bone density assessment. It provides exceptional image quality with 75-μm voxel resolution for a variety of applications such as implant planning and endodontic diagnoses, according to the company. Also, its wide range field of view—110×80, 80×80, 60×60, and 40×40—enables it to focus on the region of interest based on diagnosis.

The device’s Imaging Suite software is designed to assess volume and bone density for improved bone grafting procedures and implant placement. All scans are produced in STL format for export into surgical guide design software. The software also has a virtual endoscope feature for airway evaluation and nerve canal tracing for implant planning. 

The X-Mind Trium is fully upgradable from a 2-D panoramic x-ray to 3-D. A cephalometric arm can also be added.

For more information, call ACTEON USA at (800) 289-6367 or visit acteongroup.com.

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