PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: K2 Mobile Diode Laser

Polaroid HealthCare
K2 Mobile Diode Laser


Polaroid HealthCare, the distributor of industry leading dental imaging and diagnostic products is proud to announce that they have been chosen to distribute the new HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser into the USA through the dental dealer distribution channels.

The K2 Mobile Diode Laser and its support protocols meet the high standard set by Polaroid HealthCare.

K2 Mobile Diode Laser

The lightweight and balanced K2 weighs in at just 135G’s, which includes the battery. The wireless K2 is feature packed and provides more user options than many of the more expensive corded units with its 22 pre-set programs plus 4 additional memory settings that are user definable for added convenience.

The powerful laser provides enough power for most any soft tissue procedure with 3.5W of continuous power, and up to 6W pulse.

Designed in South Korea, with major components from Germany and Japan, the K2’s innovative design includes 10 technology patents, and two design patents that provide increased efficiency, durability, and an ergonomic design, for comfortable use. This unit has been sold worldwide for the last couple of years with an outstanding reliability track record.

Should you have any product issues covered by the manufacturer’s 2-Year warranty period, your unit will be replaced from our California warehouse.

The K2 is well thought out, both for productivity and economical use. The K2 features the world’s first AFL system.

A patented Adjustable Fiber Length system that is ideal for instantly reaching anywhere in the mouth, especially those hard to access areas.

The K2 is very economical to operate as well. It features autoclavable optic fibers, Aluminum front caps, and Hygienic silicone front covers. The autoclavable optic fibers get up to 50 uses per fiber, making them less than a dollar per use, much more cost effective than many other units requiring costly disposable tips.

The easy to operate K2 Laser is available through your local authorized Polaroid HealthCare full service dealer.

Contact them to arrange a demo, or visit

Call 844-789-5050 for additional details.