PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Hydrasmile from TJA Health

TJA Health


TJA Health, LLC (TJA) is pleased to announce the addition of a new product to its global product offering. Hydrasmile, a dry-mouth ultra-hydrating spray, which aims to serve the tens of millions of people around the globe who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of dry mouth caused by cancer treatment, various medications, or the multitude of other sources of xerostomia.


“Hydrasmile contains the newest state-of-the-art ingredients to combat extreme dry mouth,” says Dr. Lawrence Hier, Founder and President of TJA Health, LLC. “The dry-mouth community has been underserved for years by products that have poor taste, lack efficacy, or both. Our goal with Hydrasmile is singular: to provide a solution rooted in optimizing survivorship”.

Over the last 36 months, TJA distributed Hydrasmile to many leading cancer treatment centers around the globe. The response to the product has been positive and consistent.

One clinic remarked, “…Dr. Jensen found your product at the PNDC this past summer and loved the slim design and taste of the spray, but as good consumers, we ordered 18 samples from 18 companies to test for our office as we want to carry products in our office permanently. All this to say, your product is the top dog, #1, the BEST product our patients and we tested. The design, the taste, and the benefits will keep us returning to order more!”

Hydrasmile is available now.

For more details, contact Ian Miller via phone at (877) 677-5277 or via email at