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Damon Adams, DDS


One of things that we take much pride in at Dentistry Today, as the nation’s leading and most popular clinical news magazine, is showcasing clinical case reports and other clinically related articles that provide practical information, advice, and techniques that can be put to immediate use in the dental practice. Specifically, we are targeting general practitioners who have an interest in learning from colleagues who are willing to share their everyday clinical experiences and expertise. Our future editorial calendar is replete with selections that include many different topics that will assist our readers in staying current on the choice and use of dental materials as well as various clinical techniques. With the above in mind, we have an excellent lineup of articles to read and study this month!

Challenges associated with the longevity of direct composite restorations have been well-documented over the years, and a number of factors are implicated in why these materials have been keenly associated with the continual need for more research, improved characteristics, and better clinical placement techniques. In our cover-featured article, we are proud to present Dr. Jeff Brucia, who, based upon research as well as his 32-plus years of clinical experience, delves into a plethora of important details involving the topic of light curing composite resins. It should help any interested clinician better understand how to improve his or her long-term restorative outcomes. And, because light curing is such an important factor in being able to achieve the expected longevity for composite restorations, we also have Dr. Doug Lambert, another well-known expert in the realm of composite resin material options and placement, presenting an article that focuses on how the clinician can be absolutely certain that these materials are being fully and properly light cured. Hopefully, the different information that is presented by these 2 distinguished clinicians and Dentistry Today Leaders in CE will provide you with the knowledge to make positive changes in how to approach and place composite resin materials in your practice.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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