Powerful, New Dental Treatment Tools Available With i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D System



Hatfield, PA (April 19, 2011) – Imaging Sciences International is pleased to announce that the i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D imaging system brings clinicians an impressive collection of new clinical tools for implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics, and surgical procedures through a unique, direct link with the latest version of Invivo5 (5.1) 3-D imaging software. This latest advancement enhances the clinical flexibility and leadership of the award-winning i-CAT system.
Dentists can combine high-quality, three-dimensional diagnostic information from the i-CAT with the latest in advanced 3-D visualization and treatment tools to perform thorough analysis, accurate planning and effective treatment for patients. The full implementation of i-CAT and Invivo5 into the practice delivers fast and precise 3-D workflow through quick scan and reconstruction and powerful tools to effectively treat dental, skeletal, airway, and sinus anatomy.

Restoration-Based Implant Planning
For implants, clinicians can treatment plan in full 3-D with restorative outcomes in mind. The restoration design feature allows the dentists to plan an entire treatment from the surgical placement of the implant and the abutment all the way to the final restoration. Featuring an expanded implant library, multiple implants can be quickly placed in the panoramic layout, as well as in the 3-D rendering. Clinicians benefit from having access to anatomy in both full 3-D volume and high-resolution individual slices to view bone thickness, make measurements and identify the alveolar nerve.
Other services, such as virtual modeling and surgical guides for guided surgery are also available.

Orthodontics, TMJ and Airway Analysis
Orthodontists will appreciate the unique and easy-to-use 3-D cephalometric analysis tool option with easy one-click operation that also yields full traditional 2-D analysis.
Included in the latest version of software are TMJ visualization, study model, and simulation tools, as well as an updated anchor pin library for virtual TAD placement. Also, the airway analysis tool is a powerful application that allows for quick airway tracing and automatic calculations and measurements, as well as color-coded constriction values of the airway volume.
Additionally, the AnatoModel service from Anatomage provides the option for dentists to create virtual study models that contain crowns, roots, developing teeth, impactions, and alveolar bone. This impressionless model is created from existing CBCT data, saving space and labor in the modern dental practice.
For all general practitioners and specialists alike, advanced annotation capabilities, such as custom labeling and layout displays provide excellent tools for patient and colleague communication.

In addition to these new powerful tools, Imaging Sciences is excited to announce that Invivo software support for i-CAT customers is now provided directly through the company’s Customer Care department. "The integration of i-CAT and Invivo5 is such an important collaboration for us that we have made the commitment to provide seamless support for our customers," states Mark Hillebrandt, Director of Product Management for Imaging Sciences. Strengthening the i-CAT network, the company now also provides a variety of training programs on using the Invivo5 software with i-CAT.

For more information on i-CAT’s treatment planning capabilities, call 800-205-3570 or visit www.i-CAT.com. For upcoming educational events and training classes visit www.i-CAT3D.com.