Piezomed Module Launched by W&H: A True Breakthrough in Oral Surgery

W&H Impex Inc.
piezomed module


W&H is revolutionizing the surgical workflow with the new Piezomed module. This easy add-on solution for the Implantmed is creating entirely new treatment options for patients – a true game changer in piezo surgery. This impressive product innovation in the periodontal and oral surgery specialties as well as for the dental implant surgery field, with its modular design, allows the device to be adapted to users’ specific requirements.

piezomed module

W&H presents the game changer in piezo surgery. As a simple add-on solution, the Piezomed module can now be used in conjunction with Implantmed Plus. W&H is breaking new ground in surgical applications. This ingenious modular system combines expertise from different areas. (CNW Group/W&H Impex Inc.)

The Implantmed Plus by W&H is now a true all-rounder thanks to the new Piezomed module that combines an implantology motor and piezo surgery in one device. This means the Implantmed can be combined with the Piezomed module and used to cover several surgical applications that changes the way oral surgery and implantology work. This, coupled with the implant stability measurement and documentation features, makes W&H the first manufacturer to cover the entire surgical workflow. Oral surgeons can look forward to discovering a new world of treatment possibilities.

Piezomed Module: breaking through familiar processes

The Piezomed module simplifies the processes in oral surgery and implantology, as users always have the right device on hand in a compact and space-saving form, whatever the application.

The modular system’s standardized operation simplifies the practice team’s daily workflows. What’s more, only one irrigation tubing and one saline solution are required, which enables optimized handling. In the ‘Piezomed Plus’ and ‘Piezomed Classic,’ W&H has two module versions available to meet all piezo surgery requirements in practice, whether for day-to-day or intensive use:

  • The easiest operation
  • Patented automatic instrument detection
  • Flawless precision cutting performance
  • Optimal cooling of the treatment site due to a special spray design

The new module brings all the benefits of W&H piezo technology to its users.

Surgical workflow redefined: Implantmed Plus + Piezomed Module

The combination of the Implantmed Plus and the Piezomed module is changing working methods in oral surgery and implantology. All products and functionalities that come with the new modular system are fully tailored to the user’s workflow. W&H’s surgical contra-angle handpieces allow procedures to be performed with unrivalled precision, while the wireless foot control ensures greater comfort and freedom of movement.

The easy add-on ensures seamless transition between the two technologies, representing a real step forward. Implantology and piezo surgery combined in a single unit – a true breakthrough in every respect!

Visit W&Hs booth #126 for a product demonstration at the 2023 Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting on March 16-18 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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