Periodontist Uses Device to Aid in Tooth Loss Prevention



A periodontist is using a tool to help treat periodontal disease.

Evelyn Huaman, a periodontist in Merced, Calif., is using a computer that boasts 3-D imaging, high resolution and minimal radiation. The system helps patients to keep their teeth in good condition and to aid in the installation of implants.

The benefits of the machine are countless, including the fact that it uses minimal radiation while taking only about 30 seconds to develop a full, 3-D scan of a person’s mouth. Huaman also uses the machine when performing surgeries as way to check that implants were placed in the correct spot.

Huaman’s main goal was to create something that would benefit the treatment of people with periodontal issues. Since implants are used instead of dentures in many cases, the type of machine can be extremely helpful.

Periodontal disease often results in the inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, which cause the gums to shrink and teeth to loosen.

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