Periodontal Stem Cell Transplantation Displays Early Success



New research indicates that periodontal ligament stem cells are the most effective of the clinically tested dental tissue-derived stem cells.

There were three different types that were tested. The research was published in the most recent issue of Cell Transplantation.

The South Korean research team demonstrated the study by using beagle dogs that had advanced periodontal disease to the point in which it affected their premolars and molars. These areas have some similarities as the areas in human dentition.

The periodontal ligament stem cells displayed the best ability to regenerate in many areas, including the periodontal ligament, cementum, alveolar bone, peripheral nerve and blood vessels when compared to equivalent methods of transplant, like dental pulp stem cells or periapical follicular stem cells.

In the past, when trying to enhance periodontal regeneration, xenogenic bone particles were used. The results, however, were not effective.

More research is essential to conclude what influences the three different types of stem cells to react in certain ways.