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People + Practice announced new additions to its comprehensive portfolio of products and services specifically designed to help orthodontic practices grow.

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The digital marketing company has already helped hundreds of orthodontists across the country increase conversion rates and boost profitability with its slate of innovative digital marketing strategies. PatientCue and Conversion Plus are two new proprietary products that will work with a practice’s current systems to optimize the customer journey from initial inquiry to a qualified patient ready to begin treatment.

PatientCue is a technology platform that accelerates the journey from new patient inquiry to scheduled appointment, creating an online experience where digital natives can seamlessly interact with the practice, driving growth. With PatientCue practices can increase positive reviews, allow staff to respond to questions in real-time, and digitize patient workflows, including HIPAA compliant forms, all in a centralized dashboard to better track inquiry progress throughout the patient journey.

With Conversion Plus, experienced Conversion Concierges nurture patient inquiries into qualified treatment candidates.

Website inquiries are managed for practices in real-time: prospects are either ruled out or guided along the pathway to schedule an appointment.

Powered by PatientCue and a world class orthodontic pre-sales team, Conversion Plus ensures that the doctor and treatment coordinator’s time is spent in the most productive way possible by delivering only vetted candidates who are ready to make a decision about treatment.

“At People + Practice we constantly try to improve on the way we help drive ortho practice profitability and expand market potential for our clients,” said Dr. Leon Klempner, CEO of People + Practice. “PatientCue and Conversion Plus advance our marketing, pre-sale and technology solutions, which help orthodontic practices unlock their full potential.” 

Launching at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session 2022, these new offerings dovetail with a recently announced partnership with uLab Systems, creator of the uSmile clear aligner system and the uDesign treatment planning software.

An outgrowth of a shared commitment to providing orthodontists with the tools they need to thrive, this partnership will provide special benefits to our shared clients and allow us to work together to help maximize practice growth and profitability.

“uLab partnered with us because of our deep experience in the industry and focus on developing tools and services like PatientCue and Conversion Plus that fuel orthodontic practice growth,” said Klempner.


Founded by orthodontist Dr. Leon Klempner and marketing consultant Amy Epstein, People + Practice is a New York-based digital marketing firm on a mission to unveil the abundant opportunities for practices to thrive.

We believe that right now is the Golden Age for provider growth, and we implement digital marketing strategies, technology and services that allow our clients to take advantage of it.

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uLab Systems is led by an experienced team of healthcare innovators helping to transform options for orthodontic practices to provide the best outcomes for their patients. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with digital treatment planning software and aligner products that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans.

uLab has facilities in San Mateo, CA and Memphis, TN.

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