PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Panthera Sleep NightGuards

Panthera Sleep



All Panthera Sleep NightGuards are made from Nylon Polyamide Type 12. They’re shock absorbing and boast optimal resistance to bruxism. They are also strong, yet flexible, and reduce muscle contractions. That’s not all. There’s plenty more to boast about here.

– Biocompatible, USP Level V1

– CAD CAM & proprietary design software

– 4.0 manufacturing & optimal precision

– Effortless patient fitting: high precision splint, no or minimal adjustments

– Easy to isolate sensitive, fragile or restored teeth – contactless

– Excellent control of position, surface and contact intensity

– 3 Year Warranty!

– 7 Day turnaround time

Panthera Sleep takes NightGuards very seriously! They’re in the middle of a promotional sale. You can get 50% off the first two splints ordered.

If this product catches your eye, you’ll want to CLICK HERE to head over to their website and learn more.

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