Oral Cancer Detection/Prevention

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The Microlux/DL dif­fused illuminator is designed to enhance dental ex­aminations of the oral mu­cosa, and help identify ab­nor­mal lesions found on the soft tissues of the mouth. With its ad­vanced LED technology—and used in conjunction with nontoxic acetic acid solution—abnormalities can be detected in their early stages when they can be treated most successfully. The Micro­lux/DL is painless, noninvasive, inexpensive, and easy to use. It is a transilluminator and has a lighted mirror. For more information, call (855) 211-3413 or visit addent.com.



DOE SE is a small yet extremely powerful fluorescent imaging system. With patent-pending LED beam technology and a high-contrast fluorescence view­er, it enables both intra and extraoral access for early detection of both HPV and traditional virus-associated oral cancer without the need of rinsing the mouth. Coming with low-cost, disposable barrier sleeves, it allows dentists and hygienists to perform affordable and effective routine oral exams not only to attract new patients but to save lives. For more information, call (800) 763-6901 or visit dentlight.com.



The OralCDx brush biopsy, or BrushTest, is a virtually painless test to help determine the cause of oral spots while checking for oral dysplasia and cancer. Vis­ual ex­am­ination alone (even with a special light) cannot de­termine whether a spot is be-nign. Oral­CDx provides you with a minimally invasive way to test any oral spot, allowing you to keep your patients in your office un­til a referral to a specialist be­comes clinically necessary. World-class pathologists help you find answers. For more in­for­mation, call (877) 712-7874 (71-BRUSH) or visit the Web site oralcdx.com.


DentalEZ Group

StarDental’s Identafi is a diagnostic device used for the detection of oral pathologies, including biochemical and morphological changes in the cells of the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils that may lead to oral cancer. The small, cordless, handheld device uses an innovative, 3-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system that allows dental professionals to identify oral mucosal abnormalities not visible to the naked eye. For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit identafi.net.



The VELscope is a device that provides dentists and hygienists with an easy-to-integrate adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including precancer. Used in conjunction with the conventional intraoral and extraoral head and neck exam, the VELscope facilitates the discovery of mucosal abnormalities before they become visible under ordinary light. It is a noninvasive device clinically pro­ven to help discover occult oral-tissue abnormalities. For more information, call (800) 445-0345 or visit denmat.com.