Ohio Legislation Aims to Regulate Mobile Dental Clinics

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Photo by Jo Ingles


Photo by Jo Ingles

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed House Bill 203, which will regulate the operation of mobile dental clinics. According to the bill’s sponsor, Scott Lipps (R-Franklin), HB 203 will make the services provided by mobile dental facilities more effective to allow greater access to proper oral healthcare. 

Calling dental care the number one unmet healthcare need in Ohio, Lipps added that these mobile units provide access to dental care for uninsured and underinsured Ohio families and children. He believes the legislation will limit the likelihood of out-of-pocket costs for patients as well.

The legislation would require operators of mobile dental facilities to register with the state dental board. It also would to the transfer of medical records such as X-rays of patients serviced at mobile clinics to dental offices.

Ensuring these records follow the patient makes certain the patient will receive effective follow-up care, Lipps said, without the possibility of paying for a service they already received at the mobile clinic.

“This simple bill will effect a massive change,” said Lipps. “Our office has been focused on lowering healthcare costs and clarifying the purposefully confusing and burdensome healthcare system. This bill does just that.”

The bill now will go to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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