November/December 2020

Dentistry Today



Heated Composite in Everyday Practice

Dr. Troy Schmedding shares a clinical case demonstrating how to optimize the short- and long-term characteristics of composite resins to maximize success.

Prosthetic Complications: Challenges Created by Poor Implant Positioning

Dr. Randolph R. Resnik talks about the most common fixed implant complications.

Digital Planning for a Maxillary All-on-X Surgery: Considerations for a High Smile Line
Dr. Elaine Bylis outlines why, when planning any maxillary all-on-x case, numerous factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure an optimal treatment outcome.

Reassessing Current Endodontic Treatment

Drs. James Bahcall, Qian Xie, Mark Baker, and Steve Weeks look at future directions in root canal treatment.

Solving Ceramic Crown Removal and Endo Access Challenges

Dr. Gregori M. Kurtzman shares a protocol that improves operator efficiency when cutting access openings through zirconia and also for removing zirconia crowns.

Conservative Aesthetic Treatment: Combining Tooth Whitening and Direct Composite Techniques
Dr. Robert A. Lowe presents a case report that involves a conservative aesthetic treatment using a direct composite and tooth whitening.

Minimizing Patient Visits During a Pandemic: Demonstration of a Combination-Technique Protocol

Dr. Wynn Okuda outlines a case report involving the use of lasers in the aesthetic treatment protocol to optimize the outcome for the patient.

The Gatekeepers of Systemic Inflammation

Focus On: Dentistry During the Pandemic

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