Mouth Contains More Germs than Total Number of People on Earth



There are more germs on one person’s mouth than ever thought, according some dentists.

For comparison’s sake, the number of germs on one person’s mouth may outnumber the total number of people on earth.

These germs stem from plaque biofilm. The germs multiply and become embedded in this layer of biofilm. This type of environment makes it more difficult to kill the germs by just doing the basic brushing and flossing. The germs can then cause bad breath, gingivitis or other issues.

There are many studies that back up the idea that poor oral health is connected to other chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Poor oral health makes a person susceptible to various other issues.

According to John E. Dodes, a New York general dentist and author of the book “Healthy Teeth: A User’s Guide,” most adults in the United States claim they need to take better care of their teeth. Still, only about one of three people uses dental floss and rinse with mouthwash in the morning. Fewer than 50 percent of people visit a dentist two times each year.

The common perception is that cavities are the biggest oral health problem. However, a larger problem may be bleeding during flossing or brushing, something that about half of American adults encounter. Only about one third of Americans have had issues with cavities or plaque.