More Free Dental Clinics Planned



People who can’t afford dental care are in luck.

After last weekend’s free dental clinic in Missouri, the Mission of Mercy is planning more events like that one. With the state of the economy, it’s the only way for many people to receive the dental care they need.

There were roughly 200 dentists who volunteered their time and services to provide these people with dental treatment. During the two-day event, about $1 million in dental care was provided for free. There were almost 2,000 people who received some kind of dental treatment.

The dental clinic officially began at 6 a.m. last Friday. But there were some people who waited on line for the event almost a full day prior to the dental clinic.

The success of this event, combined with the necessity for these types of clinics, enable the planners for these dental clinics to schedule more. That’s why there will be free dental clinics in Missouri at some point in the future.