Method Procurement Revolutionizes Spend Management for Dentists

Dentistry Today


Method Procurement has designed one of the industry’s first cloud-based spend management platforms created specifically for dentists. Based in Indianapolis, Method streamlines all phases of the purchasing process so that dental practices can improve operations, reduce overhead expenses and see radically improved financial returns.

In a sea of enterprise procurement software solutions, what makes Method unique is that it was built to solve the unique challenges of the dental industry. It includes all the best practices of enterprise procurement solutions but has streamlined them into a dental-specific platform that meets the needs of both the solo practitioner and the multi-practice DSO.

“Method is the only procurement solution out there to truly blend dentistry with a deep understanding of procurement best practices,” said Dan Traub, VP of Product at Method Procurement. “Our team has a unique background of dentistry and technology expertise, which has helped us tailor our software to meet the unique challenges practices face every day.”

Method uses cloud-based technology, optimized workflows and a dedicated client success team to transform dental practices of all sizes. Unlike other solutions, Method’s software comes pre-configured with a robust catalog of over 400,000 dental products, making setup quick and easy. In one digital platform, users can compare supply costs, place orders from multiple suppliers, manage a formulary and budget, track inventory, quickly reorder supplies and more.

By condensing all these features into an intuitive system their teams enjoy using, dentists can focus their attention on what matters most—treating patients, building their practice and increasing profit.  For more information or to schedule a free demo and cost savings analysis, visit