May 2021

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Selfie Culture, Young Adults, and Cosmetic Dentistry: Snapchat Dysmorphia Creates New Aesthetic Demands From Teenagers and Young Adults

Dr. Susan McMahon presents several cases and discusses the influence of social media on the cosmetic treatment decisions of younger patients.

Fully Guided Full-Arch Implant Reconstruction

Dr. Paresh Patel demonstrates how the use of the latest guided surgery techniques can make complex full-mouth rehabilitation procedures safer and predictable and even condense them into a single surgical session.

Continued Innovation for Full-Arch Immediate Loading: Small Access Hole Technology
Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil discuss C2F Small Access Hole Technology to help clinicians achieve improved fit, higher strength, and the preservation of occlusion through an extraoral conversion of the transitional PMMA prosthesis.

Impression Making of Implants Made Easy
Dr. Timothy F. Kosinski outlines the advantages of intraoral scanning for the creation of implant restorations.

Repair or Partial Replacement of LS2-Bonded Onlays

Drs. Jose-Luis Ruiz and Raymond L. Bertolotti review options and offer clinically simple and predictable techniques to repair or replace failing bonded restorations.

Easy Flows It: A Single-Shade Flowable as a Direct Restorative in Primary Dentition

Dr. Carla Cohn shares a clinical case using a new flowable restorative on children that not only improves shade matching but is also more durable than previous low-viscosity materials.

Macular Pigmented Oral Mucosal Lesions: An Amalgam Tattoo Case Report

Drs. Gail Cherry-Peppers, Christine Karapetian, Arthi M. Kumar, Iris Jeffries Morton, Dean Edwards, and Ronald S. Brown present a case of an oral mucosal amalgam tattoo and also review the differential diagnoses of other oral mucosal macular pigmented lesions.

Pandemic or Not: Seven Habits to Adopt in 2021

Focus On: Living Authentically in the Field of Dentistry

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